Mar 012012
Frijoles Borrachos Meet Caldo Verde for a Satisfying Late Winter Soup

    Fresh late-winter/early-spring vegetables at the Farmer’s Market combined with lingering cold temperatures make me think of soups featuring baby, hearty greens. I developed this particular soup last spring; its lingering memory made me eager to recreate it this year, with a few small variations.  (Let’s just say I added too much beer last year. A coworker walked into the breakroom while I was reheating some for lunch and asked if I was drinking. She was disappointed to learn it was just soup.) First, let’s cover the inspiration for this soup. On the one hand, we have frijoles borrachos, […]

Feb 192012
Roasted Pumpkin and Red Pepper Soup

  This post is a little out-of-season, but file it away for next autumn and make it then. Why am I writing about garden pumpkins and red peppers at this time of year, you ask? Well, I received a fun email from an old work friend whom I haven’t seen in many years; she’s part of an email-based recipe exchange and looped me into it. Since the email specifically asked for quick, go-to sorts of recipes, I figured I’d add this old favorite to my blog, and then send the recipe link as instructed to the first person in the […]

Sep 222011
The National Heirloom Exposition

Last week I attended the National Heirloom Exposition, held at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, CA.  The expo is a celebration of all things traditional, heirloom, and heritage in the realm of fruits and vegetables.  I was there on Wednesday the 14th, when Alice Waters was the keynote speaker.  She was delightful– her speaking style was entertainingly personable, she was humble, and she shared stories and insights I’ve not run across elsewhere– not in her cookbooks, nor on the Chez Panisse website, nor any of the other places I’ve followed her over the years.  She insisted that the […]

Sep 042011
Know Your Salmon

  There are many types of salmon commercially available and the types available to you may differ by season, geography, and whether you’re seeking fresh or frozen fish.  If you don’t live where you can get fresh fish that was caught that morning, it’s usually best to go with frozen.  It will have been flash-frozen on the boat and will taste fresher than a “fresh” fish that undertook a journey to get to you. Beyond flavor and technique, it’s important to consider the source of your salmon (and any seafood, for that matter.)  If you’re not already familiar with the […]