Apr 082013
Building the Better (For You) Flapjack

  I love a good pancake/flapjack for Sunday morning breakfast as much as the next girl, but unless I want to lose a whole weekend day to lethargy, napping, and regret, I tend to avoid them. Simple carbs soaked in maple syrup are no way to start a productive day. Yesterday, I was at the Westside Santa Cruz Farmer’s Market and discovered that the strawberry crop has arrived! I bought 3 baskets of local, organic, peak-of-red-ripeness strawberries and happily carted them home. I then became fixated on the idea of serving them over pancakes with whipped cream for Sunday morning […]

Mar 252013
Buttermilk Fried Chicken Tenders with Honey Butter-Glazed Spring Vegetables over Goat Cheese Polenta

  Turning out a crunchy and delicious fried chicken tender is easier than popular mythology would have you believe. The chicken tender is a small, oblong piece of white meat connected to each breast, which is usually separated during the butchering process– almost like a breast in miniature. These 4-6 inch long, thin, boneless pieces will fry up quickly in the pan, and you’ll get a favorable ratio of crispy batter to meat, if you’re into that sort of thing– and who isn’t? Here’s what you do: marinate 12 chicken tenders in a mixture of buttermilk and your favorite hot […]

Feb 102013
Fideo: A Spin through Mexican Culinary History Takes Us to the Ultimate Comfort Food

The Mexican dish “Fideo” first came to my attention several years ago, when my grandmother spoke of it while reminiscing about the dishes her mother used to make for her as a child. I’d never had it, but recently my grandma reported that she’d tried making it for herself and her youngest grandchild, and that it had been a hit with both of them. I filed it away in the “things to cook one of these days” section of my brain. (It’s right behind the amygdala.)   I’m not sure what brought fideo back to the forefront of my consciousness […]

Mar 262012
Green Garlic

    It’s green garlic season, and I’m thrilled. I stopped by the Capay Organic¬†stand at the farmer’s market a couple of weekends ago and saw the hand-lettered sign: Green Garlic, $2 a handful. It was noon– close to time for the stand to be packed up and its remaining delicious wares taken– where, I wonder? ¬†I stood there, carefully selecting a few choice stalks, (I was picking out the most bulbous specimens), and calculating what constituted a “handful.” It should be noted that I have particularly small hands, and will win any “small hand” comparison contest to which I […]