Dec 302013
Bourbon Berry Winter Cocktail

  We try to eat berries every day in the indieculinary household– there’s a lot of evidence that berries are a potent superfood, important for optimal health. Plus they’re delicious. Win-win. In the winter, though, when they’re out of season, we’re largely relegated to frozen berries. One can only eat so many yogurt-and-berry bowls.  I could make a cobbler, crisp, or other baked delight, but holiday treat season is over and it’s back to a little law and order around here. Enter the berry cocktail! We’ll have our berries and drink them, too. (You’ll notice any attempts at law and […]

Jul 012013
Spicy Bourbon Shrimp, and how to formulate a pan sauce

I had a plate of spicy, boozy glazed shrimp substantially similar to these in a restaurant a few years ago; after using bread to sop up every last remainder of the sauce, I thought, “I must reverse-engineer these.” (The restaurant is now closed, else I’d link them here; I guess word about these shrimp never got out.) I don’t know how similar my final formulation is to the erstwhile restaurant’s, but I’ve grown inordinately fond of this dish and I’m  done revising the sauce– this is a winner. The sauce is created following general, popular steps for a modern-day pan […]

May 242013
The Coco Tamarindo - A Summer Cocktail

Just in time for the start of summer, I give you– The Coco Tamarindo. I developed this recipe for a Food52 contest, too– the theme was coconut. It didn’t make it into the finals over there, but it sure made its way into our hearts around the indieculinary household. It spawned a joke– “when marital projects collide.” My wife came home from work– intending an entire evening of more work– only to find that I was in the middle of a cocktail photo shoot on the deck. My project won. My write-up from Food52, below: The journey to my new […]

Dec 052011
Steak Au Poivre Du Diable

I developed this recipe as a submission to a Food52 contest, the theme of which was “Your best dish you (intentionally) set on fire.” When I think of foods intentionally set on fire, classical Steak Au Poivre springs to mind.  I came up with a riff on that stalwart French dish, and took it through the pantry of Puebla, Mexico… all the better to include the darkest and most devilish ingredients suitable for a dance in the flames. I held on to the technique, as well as the key elements (peppercorns, cognac, cream, and butter), but added a molé-reminiscent list of […]

May 232011
Hot Toddy Tart with a Tea Leaf Crust

I developed this recipe for a contest on, (under my initial  handle on that site, Srirachayeah, which I’ve since changed to IndieCulinary.)  The point of the contest was to develop a late-winter tart; I used tea leaves soaked in lemon juice, (as a quick approximation of a longer fermentation or pickling process), in the crust of my “Hot Toddy Tart,” to punch up the tea flavor. As I ruminated on the idea of a late-winter tart, my mind turned to seasonal fruits, and I thought of the trees in my neighborhood, still laden with lemons and oranges. Incorporating citrus […]