Mar 112012
The Pilaf Method

  There are three official (i.e., of Western tradition and taught in French-influenced culinary school) techniques for cooking rice and other grains– the risotto method, the pilaf method, and the simmering  method. A brief review of the techniques: To use the risotto method, you first heat up your chosen fat (e.g., olive oil, butter), with any aromatics you might be using, such as garlic or shallots. Then add the rice to the hot fat and make sure all the grains are coated, but not browned. Next, add a little liquid at a time (usually wine first, then an already-warmed stock you’re […]

Sep 042011
Know Your Salmon

  There are many types of salmon commercially available and the types available to you may differ by season, geography, and whether you’re seeking fresh or frozen fish.  If you don’t live where you can get fresh fish that was caught that morning, it’s usually best to go with frozen.  It will have been flash-frozen on the boat and will taste fresher than a “fresh” fish that undertook a journey to get to you. Beyond flavor and technique, it’s important to consider the source of your salmon (and any seafood, for that matter.)  If you’re not already familiar with the […]