Mar 112013
Thomas Jefferson's Contributions to American Cuisine

The next time you bite into some quintessentially American food– peach pie, mac ‘n cheese, a fried artichoke heart– you probably have Thomas Jefferson to thank. I’d had an inkling that he was responsible for bringing a lot of culinary concepts back over from France, (and thanks to a visit to Monticello, I’d known he was an avid gardener), but I didn’t know the depth of it until I was assigned a paper on the topic in “American Regional Cuisine.” Jefferson’s contributions span not only the introduction to the United States of foods and techniques popular in Europe, (particularly France, […]

Mar 262012
Green Garlic

    It’s green garlic season, and I’m thrilled. I stopped by the Capay Organic stand at the farmer’s market a couple of weekends ago and saw the hand-lettered sign: Green Garlic, $2 a handful. It was noon– close to time for the stand to be packed up and its remaining delicious wares taken– where, I wonder?  I stood there, carefully selecting a few choice stalks, (I was picking out the most bulbous specimens), and calculating what constituted a “handful.” It should be noted that I have particularly small hands, and will win any “small hand” comparison contest to which I […]