Dec 102013
Cranberry Cardamom Bread with Satsuma Caramel Glaze

  So– Thanksgiving, aka High Holy Day for Cooks, has come and gone. And you are left with, shall we say, an imbalance of leftovers. The guests fell upon the remains of the Maple Jalapeno Bacon Roasted Brussels Sprouts like vultures; the turkey and mashed potatoes were swiftly packaged up for later; the sweet potato crisp was claimed in the spirit of a conquering nation setting flags upon distant shores. But the remainders of the cranberry sauce, of which you admittedly make too much each year, sit alone and unclaimed upon the table, despite the tart and citrus-infused deliciousness. It’s […]

Nov 192013
Persimmon Pumpkin Hazelnut Bread, with tips on choosing persimmons and peeling hazelnuts

I’ve adapted this recipe from one my mom made for years when I was a kid– she followed it faithfully every autumn.  The house filled with wonderful aromas while it baked. My dad still has her recipe card from the 70’s; true to the era, it calls for canned pineapple. (I feel like half the recipes of my childhood involved canned pineapple.) I love the design on this recipe card. In this updated recipe, I use this pumpkin bread palette to highlight seasonal ingredients, so I drop the canned pineapple, raisins, and walnuts and swap in diced Fuyu persimmon, pureed Hachiya persimmon, […]

Oct 212013
Sriracha Honey-Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

  I’ve read some rumblings of pumpkin fatigue on the web, this past week or so, but I’m nowhere near there yet myself. Whenever I roast a pumpkin, I try to do something interesting with the seeds. They make a great snack and it always seems a waste to throw them out. This afternoon, I wanted something sweet and spicy, and I knew a snack would be well-received in the indieculinary household.  So I cleaned the pumpkin goo off my seeds, rinsed them, and tossed them with olive oil, sriracha, honey, and crunchy Maldon sea salt. Then I stuck them […]

Oct 032013
Three Bean Chorizo Chili, and Some Tips on Building and Layering Flavor in Your Own Recipe

I understand from my Facebook feed that something called “football season” has begun. My interest in the sport starts and stops with the prospect of making something yummy to be eaten during a Super Bowl party in January. To this end, I am aware that chili (robust, spicy, pairs well with beer, can be made in advance) is a popular food to accompany football viewing. There are those who say beans have no place in chili. These people are wrong. Beans add contrasting texture, body, flavor, and color. And they go spectacularly well with cheese. You want to cover your […]

Nov 212012
Maple Jalapeno-Garlic Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

  Maple Jalapeno-Garlic Roasted Brussels Sprouts: this spicy, New World flavor-filled Thanksgiving offering can be Vegan. Or– it can have bacon! Adjust accordingly. I came up with this recipe years ago when I was asked to bring a vegetable side to my uncle and aunt’s Thanksgiving dinner. My uncle grills his turkey over charcoal and his spice rub is heavy on the paprika. (The resulting gravy, produced from drippings caught in a pan over the coals, is a bit of smoky heaven.) I wanted to bring a side that would complement the southwestern flavors of the main dish. And I […]

Nov 182012
Break Out of the Cranberry Mold With a Complex Chutney

  Fresh Cranberries Are Ready for Their Close-Up This week I found myself with a beautiful basket full of Meyer lemons, cayenne peppers, and other delights, courtesy of our landlords/neighbors/friends, who grow a veritable Garden (and orchard) of Eden. Meyer lemons are less acidic than standard lemons, (in fact, they’re thought to be a botanical cross between a lemon and an orange), and bring an engaging floral note to dishes. I also found myself with a need to roast a turkey this weekend.  We’ll be travelling to see family for Thanksgiving this year and they will make a delicious feast, […]

Feb 192012
Roasted Pumpkin and Red Pepper Soup

  This post is a little out-of-season, but file it away for next autumn and make it then. Why am I writing about garden pumpkins and red peppers at this time of year, you ask? Well, I received a fun email from an old work friend whom I haven’t seen in many years; she’s part of an email-based recipe exchange and looped me into it. Since the email specifically asked for quick, go-to sorts of recipes, I figured I’d add this old favorite to my blog, and then send the recipe link as instructed to the first person in the […]