Sep 032014

Since trying orange wine for the first time at Beauregard last summer, (my wife declared an immediate intention to fill a camel pack with it and sip it instead of water on a hike), I’ve tried every example I encounter. This culminated in the most amazing bottle I’ve tried to date– the Ryme 2012 Vermentino  (Las Brisas Vineyard, Carneros.) We had it to accompany a lovely meal at Passionfish in Pacific Grove, CA. Ryme produced two versions of this Vermentino in 2012; a “His” and a “Hers” (the winemakers are a married couple). We tried the “His” at dinner. Each mouthful was rich and buoyant and felt like a stroll through a stone fruit orchard when the trees are blossoming in the spring.

Ryme Vermentino 2012 - a most excellent orange wine

Ryme Vermentino 2012 – a most excellent orange wine


Orange wine is my new favorite summer drink. It is as refreshing and evocative of summer as rosé, but without the fruit-forwardness–  no danger or even hint of a descent into strawberry Shasta territory. It’s typically made from white wine grapes; brief contact with skins imparts the orange blush color. We may be slightly past Labor Day, but I think I can extend my romance with orange wines– and excuse to try any that cross my path– well into autumn.

I’m on the hunt for great new bottles– point me in some excellent orange wine directions in the comments section, if you would be so kind.

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